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Between possibility and desirability

Ethical framework for medical innovation

Researchers can grow organs in the lab. Regenerative medicine can grow human tissue. And Chinese scientists modified the genes of a human embryo in the lab. They are scientific milestones, but they are not without drawbacks. Medical ethicist Annelien Bredenoord explores how biotechnology can innovate responsibly.

This video is only available in Dutch.


Produced by Fast Facts<br />
Commissioned by De Jonge Akademie<br />
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Thanks to Rhod&eacute; Bijlsma<br />
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Made by: Moira van Dijk 2015<br />
In cooperation with<br />
Camera &amp; editing: Jonathan Massey | Persistent Vision<br />
Music: Daan van West<br />
Graphic design: SproetS