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The curious brain

A broader vision on Multiple Sclerose

Our brains and our minds are more than the sum of a set of chemical reactions, according to neurobiologist Jeroen Geurts. That is why he likes to venture outside the boundaries of his own scientific field. At the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam he and his multidisciplinary team, try to work out what happens to patients suffering from MS. With the latest scanning techniques, he peeks into our brain. Not necessarily to look for answers, but to come up with better questions.


Produced by Fast Facts
Commissioned by: The Young Academy

Special thanks to:
Charlotte Horn, VUmc, department of Anatomy and Neurosciences, department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, research division Clinical Neuroscience

With images from
Jeroen Geurts, Quinten van Geest and Laura Jonkman

Made by: Aline Idzerda 2015
In cooperation with
Camera & editing: Jonathan Massey | Persistent Vision
Music: Daan van West
Graphic design: SproetS