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Human blood against malaria

The weak spot of the malaria parasite

Malaria is a persistent disease that takes its toll. Every year some two hundred million people have the disease. And each year six hundred thousand people die from this disease, especially in Africa. Malaria expert Teun Bousema looks for innovative ways to combat the disease and possibly eliminate it forever.

This video is only available in Dutch.


Produced by Fast Facts<br />
Commissioned by The Young Academy<br />
<br />
Thanks to: Robert Sauerwein, Chris Drakeley, Will Roeffen, Rob Hermsen, Geert Jan van Gemert, Marga van de Vegte-Bolmer, De Malaria Unit, Radboudumc<br />
With images from: Michiel Vaanhold, Maartje Kunen - medical visuals, Studio MAD<br />
<br />
Made by: Moira van Dijk 2015<br />
In cooperation with<br />
Camera &amp; editing: Wouter Boes<br />
Music: Daan van West<br />
Graphic design: SproetS