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Hubrecht Institute

Stem cell research and developmental biology

Research at the Hubrecht Institute focuses on developmental biology and stem cells on the organismal, cellular, genetic, genomic and proteomic levels. A variety of biological processes are studied, particularly those concerning the embryonic development of animals and the development and homeostasis of organs in adult animals. Developmental biologists are interested in the mechanism that enables an organism to grow from a single fertilized egg into a fully formed adult. Stem cell research is closely linked to developmental biology. Gaining a basic understanding of development and stem cells will provide insight into (human) disease, such as cancer.


Produced by Fast Facts<br />
With the support of the Hubrecht Institute<br />
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Thanks to the coworkers at the Hubrecht Institute, Jan Wink and Sarah Jiska at the Wilhelmina Children&#39;s Hospital, Frans van den Hoven &amp; Marc Stenders of the Utrecht University Museum<br />
With images from: European Molecular Biology Laboratory (Heidelberg), Prof. Dr. Marie-Jos&eacute; Goumans (LUMC), NYMUS3D, Spieren voor Spieren, patient: Lennart Colen<br />
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Made by: Jasmijn Snoijink 2013<br />
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