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Living on air

The origins of nitrogen symbiosis

Nitrogen: it’s essential to all life on earth and abundant in the air we breathe in and out. But it’s also one of the strongest chemical compounds we know. Only some plants can unlock the treasure inside the air, by using a special bacteria: Rhizobium. How did these plants develop this precious tool? Plant researcher René Geurts wants to crack this secret and does groundbreaking research on its evolutionary origin.


<p>Produced by Fast Facts<br />
With the support of The Young Academy and Ren&eacute; Geurts</p>
<p>Thanks to Iris Koopmans, The Young Academy Office, Wageningen University &amp; Research centre, Department of Plant Science<br />
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Gemaakt door: Moira van Dijk 2012<br />
In cooperation with<br />
Camera, editing &amp; compositing: Jonathan Massey<br />
Music: Daan van West<br />
Graphic design: SproetS</p>