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New life in the lab

Assisted reproduction

Sperm cell plus ovule makes embryo: medical science is becoming better and better at helping the most fundamental sum of life. One in eight couples has trouble conceiving a child. Medical biologist Sjoerd Repping is head of the Center for Reproductive Medicine of the AMC in Amsterdam. Here they are looking for new and better ways to help this very first step on the path of life. 

This video is only available in Dutch.


Produced by Fast Facts
Made possible by De Jonge Akademie

Special thanks to Merel van den Berg, Emma Verver, Sabrina Jan, Judith Rikken, Miriam Braakhekke,
Alexandre Soufan, Jose de Jong – Keirsgieter, Caro-Lynn Alta, Andreas Meissner,
Centrum voor Voortplantingsgeneeskunde AMC

Made by: Aline Idzerda 2014
In cooperation with
Camera & editing: Wouter Boes

Music: Daan van West

Graphics: SproetS