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The power of the situation

Insight in preconscious group processes

Physiological research in Social Psychology
Even before we are aware of our thoughts, our brain reacts to them. At Leiden University electrodes are stuck to your head in studies of these preconscious reactions. Naomi Ellemers uses these types of methods in her research about how contextual factors influence your behaviour. She studies preconscious and invisible reactions: these can teach us a lot about the impact of moral group values on how we think and act.


Merian prize

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, supported by the SNS REAAL Fund, established the KNAW Merian Prize in spring 2009 in order to draw attention to women scientists and encourage more women to pursue careers in science in the Netherlands. The Academy presents the KNAW Merian Prize every two years to a female scientist working in the Netherlands who has performed outstanding research in the social sciences/humanities (2009) or the natural sciences (2011). The first Merian Prize was awarded to Naomi Ellemers on January 26, 2010.

This video is only available in Dutch.


<p>redactie: Marieke Aafjes; camera: Laureline Smith; montage:; grafische en muzikale elementen: SproetS</p>