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Research with young adult twins

Dirk en Daan Pelt

Daan and Dirk are part of the 65% of twins that are dizygotic. This means not just one, but multiple eggs were fertilized at the same time. Dizygotic siblings are as genetically alike as their other brothers and sisters and share half of their genetic material. Behaviour is determined in part by genes, and in part by your surroundings. But what exactly is the ratio? 25 years ago the Netherlands Twin Register was founded to investigate this.

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Produced by Fast Facts
With the support of the Netherlands Twin Register

Thanks to the Pelt family: Daan, Dirk en Monique Pelt, staff at the Netherlands Twin Register
With images from: Klokhuis

Made by: Moira van Dijk 2013
In cooperation with
Camera & editing: Wouter Boes en Jonathan Massey
Music: Daan van West
Graphics: SproetS