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Learning cells

The molecular biology of our memory

How do we learn? And how do we remember? Is there something like a memory protein? Cell biologist Casper Hoogenraad wants to understand our learning processes on a molecular level. He studies the function of proteins inside neurons in the hippocampus. Here, he thinks, the secret of our memory may be found...


<p>Produced by Fast Facts</p>
<p>With the support of The Young Academy and Casper Hoogenraad<br />
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Thanks to Iris Koopmans, The Young Academy Office, Utrecht University, Robert van den Berg, Marijn Kuijpers, Josta Kevenaar, Laura Gumy, Ilya Grigoriev, Lukas Kapitein and Myrrhe van Spronsen<br />
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With images from: &ldquo;Inner Life of the Cell&quot;, Harvard University, &copy; 2008 The President and Fellows of Harvard College, created Robert Lue and Alain Viel, Harvard University, John Liebler, XVIVO, LCC</p>
<p>National Science Foundation, Graham Johnson, Graham Johnson Medical Media<br />
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Made by: Marieke Aafjes 2012</p>
<p>In cooperation with<br />
Camera &amp; editing: Jonathan Massey<br />
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Music: Daan van West</p>
<p>Graphic design: SproetS</p>