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Wild water from the ground

The Canyons on Mars

This video is available in Dutch only.

Since the first telescopes we earthlings have been fascinated by our neighbouring red planet. Deep river valleys, vast deltas and traces of debris flows, suggest a wet past on Mars. After many wild theories of mainly astronomers on the occurrence of water and life on Mars, geoscientists decided to get involved. And they came to very different conclusions.

Wouter Marra focused on the huge canyons that are so typical for the Martian landscape. How did they evolve? Where did the water come from?


Produced by Fast Facts<br />
With the support of: Utrecht University with financial support of the Space Office of the The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)<br />
<br />
Thanks to: Ernst Hauber (DLR), Germari de Villiers (UU), Steven de Jong (UU), George Postma (UU), Fysisch Geografisch Laboratorium (UU), the Total Environmental Simulator (Universiteit van Hull)<br />
With images of: Maarten Kleinhans, Wouter Marra, Tjalling de Haas, German Aerospace Center (DLR), ESA, NASA, ESO<br />
<br />
Made by: Jasmijn Snoijink 2015<br />
In cooperation with<br />
Camera, editing &amp; compositing: Jonathan Massey | Persistent Vision<br />
Music: Daan van West<br />
Graphic design: SproetS<br />